Whats is the KPI (key production items) for CCM machines?

KPI, or key performance indicators, are measurable values that show how well a process or an organization is achieving its objectives. For the continuous casting machine process, which is a method of producing steel shapes from liquid metal, some possible KPIs are1:

Productivity: the amount of steel produced per unit time, usually measured in tons per hour or tons per year. This indicates the efficiency and capacity utilization of the continuous casting machine.

Quality: the degree of conformity of the steel products to the desired specifications, such as dimensions, surface condition, internal defects, mechanical properties, and chemical composition. This reflects the reliability and consistency of the continuous casting machine process.

Yield: the ratio of the weight of the final product to the weight of the input metal, expressed as a percentage. This measures the material efficiency and waste reduction of the continuous casting machine process.

Energy consumption: the amount of energy required to produce one ton of steel, usually measured in kilowatt-hours per ton or gigajoules per ton. This indicates the environmental impact and cost-effectiveness of the continuous casting machine process.

These KPIs can be used to monitor, evaluate, and improve the performance of the continuous casting machine process, as well as to compare it with other casting methods or competitors

The main parameters for CCM are the variables that affect the quality and efficiency of

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There are different types of CCM machines used in the factories currently, depending on the

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