Whats is the main paremeters of CCM machine

The main parameters for CCM are the variables that affect the quality and efficiency of the continuous casting machine process. Some of these parameters are1:

Mold oscillation: the vertical movement of the mold that helps to detach the solidified shell from the mold wall and reduce friction. The frequency, amplitude, and waveform of the oscillation are important factors that influence the surface quality and internal defects of the cast product.

Secondary cooling: the cooling of the strand below the mold by water sprays or air-mist nozzles. The cooling intensity and distribution are critical for controlling the solidification rate, temperature profile, and metallurgical structure of the strand.

Casting speed: the linear velocity of the strand as it exits the machine. The casting speed determines the productivity of the process and affects the solidification behavior and mechanical properties of the cast product.

Tundish temperature: the temperature of the liquid metal in the tundish, which is a reservoir that feeds molten metal into the mold. The tundish temperature affects the fluid flow, heat transfer, and inclusion removal in the mold.

Electromagnetic stirring: the application of a magnetic field to induce a current in the liquid metal, which creates a stirring effect. The electromagnetic stirring can enhance the mixing, homogenization, and inclusion removal in the mold and tundish, as well as modify the solidification structure and morphology of the strand.

These parameters can be adjusted to optimize the performance of the continuous casting machine process and achieve the desired product quality.

KPI, or key performance indicators, are measurable values that show how well a process or

The type of CCM machine that you should use in your factory depends on several

There are different types of CCM machines used in the factories currently, depending on the

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